Note: Itching to Crack the Vault? Earn your keys and give it a go at Raging Bull now!

Will You Crack the Vault?

Coindraw fans, listen up! Get ready to saddle up for the wildest ride of 2024 because Raging Bull Slots is not horsing around this time – they’re going all out with a jaw-dropping $250,000 prize bonanza.

Crack the Vault is the brand new promotion that’s locked, loaded and ready to deliver the biggest payday you’ve ever seen. Complete with Coindraw’s stamp of approval, what’s behind the vault door could be yours, with hot Apple teach, diamond jewels, Amazon vouchers, bonus chips, free spins and a whole lot more waiting to be won.

Find the keys to unlock $250,000 in Crack the Vault.

Blast Off on March 11

Picture this: You, your favorite games, and a vault so stuffed with prizes so big it’s just begging to be cracked. That’s Crack the Vault for you, launching into the stratosphere on March 11 and keeping the party popping until March 31. Coindraw has launched some seriously punchy promotions lately (we’re looking at your Epic Outrun 3 and Lucky #7 Draw) with some of our most electric partners, but nothing has been bigger than this.

So, spin those reels like a DJ spins tracks and grab your slice of the quarter-million-dollar pie.

New keys and prizes are available with every level completed in Crack the Vault.

Why Raging Bull Casino is the Place to Play

Everyone’s buzzing about Crack the Vault, but let’s spill the tea – Raging Bull Slots is the OG gaming hotspot. This is where the slot superheroes unite, the table game titans clash, and jackpots skyrocket faster than a firework on the Fourth of July. Plus, with security tighter than a drum and VIP-worthy customer care, it’s your personal Fort Knox of fun.

If you haven’t played here in 2024, are you even playing? They are a premier Coindraw partner after and even offer TurboPay.

The Quest to Crack the Vault

Think you can crack the vault and dance away with the dollars? It’s all about the thrill of the chase, baby! Slide into Raging Bull Slots like a boss, here’s how you can get involved:

  • Welcome Bonus: Kick off with a Welcome Bonus that’s more lit than a Vegas neon sign.
  • Spins and Wins: Every game you play sharpens your skills and gets you one step closer to the big bucks.
  • Hunt for the Shiny: Your progress bar is your treasure map. Level up and collect keys that shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.

There are three types of key up for grabs, with each level having either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold key attached to it. Make sure you push through the levels as quick as you can to earn as many keys as possible, because when it comes to Crack the Vault, keys certainly mean prizes.

Extra Missions for Extra Moolah

Got a hunger for more keys? Check those daily missions in your inbox for a secret path to even more treasure. Every single day (and we really do mean every single day!), we’re dropping a brand new mission on the Crack the Vault page. These missions range from spinning the reels of Raging Bull’s hottest slots to dropping a crypto deposit in your account, so there will be plenty of chances to land yourself a Ruby Key.

Extra missions drop every day in Crack the Vault, giving you the chance to win more prizes.

A Thrill Ride of Riches

At Coindraw, not only do we innovate the latest technology to grace the blockchain space, but we aren’t afraid to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to backing our partners. Raging Bull Slots continues to be the OG of the online gaming world, with Coindraw helping it push boundaries like never before – Crack the Vault is just the start.

This thrill ride of riches isn’t just another online casino promotion; Crack the Vault is a high-speed, heart-thumping chase for glory that’ll make you feel like a kid in a candy store – if the candy was top tech, big bonuses, and diamond jewels, of course.

Crack the Vault at Raging Bull Slots

Ready to join the big leagues? Don’t just stand there – dive into the action at Raging Bull Slots, where your next spin could unlock vault.

Grab your lucky charm, throw on your game face, and let’s Crack the Vault!